The expertise in the field and the consistency in high quality system solutions make the company the most reliable partner in designing, constructing, and distributing hydraulic systems by serving the industrial, mobile, and maritime sector. 

Our vision is to satisfy customer requirements by offering cutting edge system solutions and high-quality performance
Skoura Hydraulics
Skoura SA hydraulics has been appointed sales and technical service partner of Danfoss Power Solutions and Premier distributor of Parker hydraulics in Greece

Skoura SA hydraulics specializes in distributing and repairing hydraulic components from leading worldwide firms such as  Parker, Danfoss, Reggiana Riduttori, Hydrocontrol, MP Filtri, OMT, Marchessini, and Tognella. It owns an extensive product portfolio always in stock:

  • Danfoss PVG  & Joysticks
  • Danfoss Piston & Orbital Hydraulic Units
  • Danfoss Gear Hydraulic units
  • Parker – Denison Vane Pumps
  • Parker Ermeto Fittings & Tubes
  • Parker Elastic Hoses

Also, it serves the market  by providing complete units and spare parts of factories which have been acquired or merged by Parker and Danfoss such as:

  • Denison, Calzoni & Volvo
  • Olaer & Commercial
  • Sauer, Turolla & Commatrol

Its advanced service center provides:

  • Repair of All Hydraulic Components 
  • Product Modifications
  • Consultancy
  • Technical Service
  • Troubleshooting & Test of Fixed/Variable Motors, Pumps & Hydraulic valves


The technical know-how in the field of hydraulic systems makes the company the most reliable partner in designing and delivering top performance projects.

  • Design & Construction of Complete Power Units
  • Design & Construction of Hydraulic Valve Groups & Manifolds
  • Specification & Assembly of Elastic Hoses 
  • Onsite Installments 
Industries We Serve
  • Aluminum, Metal & Steel
  • Waste Management
  • Maritime
  • Plastic, Paper, Ginning & Textile
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Coal Mining & Diecasters
  • Wind & Solar Power
  • Offshore & Oil Refinery