Power Unit For Loading Arm

Custom hydraulic power pack design which secure power & control  of loading arm on a vessel’s deck crane

Power units for tailstock & handling

Parker double vane pump T6CCW , up to 320bar
Oil capacity 450L
Block of sandwich and directional valves  for flow control

Danfoss Combo PVG 256/32

Danfoss two section PVG 256 combined with four section PVG 32 is built in our workshop for mobile application 

Danfoss PVG 256/32 Combo for Maritime Industry

Danfoss 2 section PVG 256 combined with 4 section PVG 32 is built in house for maritime industry


Power Unit For Die Press Machine

Hydraulic custom made power packs Guilotine, Tailstock & Handling  with capacity  450L designed for application needed in industrial hydraulic sector.

Power Unit For Tilting Machine Of Granulation System

Parker piston pump, 80cc/rev, 350 Bar
Flow @ 1450 rpm: 116 lit/min
Capacity: 630 lit

Power Unit For Double-Shaft Pre-Shredder Machine

Hydraulic Power Unit 800lt driven by 37KW electric motor

The scope of this power pack is of transmitting and controlling power of double-shaft pre-shredder machine